El sistema para abrir el garaje comunitario desde el móvil, gana en seguridad y comodidad

Sign up for Parkingdoor - forget all about keys and remotes for opening your garage

Controla y moderniza tu garaje sin obras con Parkingdoor

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Sign up for Parkingdoor

Nosotros nos encargamos de todo.

Instalación del dispositivo en tu parking, formación a la comunidad de vecinos, atención al teléfono siempre que lo necesites.

Give access to your customers

Control de plazas

Una vez instalado Parkingdoor, desde la web o app se dará acceso a todos los vecinos para que puedan entrar desde su móvil.

Gana en seguridad y olvídate del mando.

Your customers will have easy access to your car park

Acceso fácil a las plazas

A través de la app de ParkingDoor los vecinos podrán acceder al garaje desde sus dispositivos móviles o smartwatch.

Parkingdoor Comunidades-Control accesos con smartphone y dispositivo bluetooth para abrir puertas de garaje y automatisomos con el móvil 

Compatible with your currently installed opening system

Installing Parkingdoor doesn't mean the garage's existing opening system can't still be used. Remotes and keys will still work, so each resident can choose the method they prefer to use.


Only authorised people can open it through the application. Access permissions can be set up permanently or temporarily, giving staff quick access to services in a completely controlled way, without having to provide them with a remote or key that could be copied.

Offer your residents added convenience

Crea plazas a los vecinos y ellos mismos podrán gestionar la apertura del garaje desde su ordenador o dispositivos móviles. Además, podrán invitar a familiares o amigos a usar su plaza de forma fácil y segura sin necesidad de mandos o llaves.

No worries

Parkingdoor communities includes installation by authorised professionals and a support service for any incidents that could arise.

La tecnología perfecta para gestionar garajes de comunidades de vecinos al mejor precio

Contact us now and find out how you can improve access to your garage

Frequently asked questions

How does the Parkingdoor device work?
The Parkingdoor device is connected to your existing opening system by professionals, and an administrator can then send 'virtual keys' to anyone who needs access. Different permission levels can be set up for each person, and they can be given access either on a permanent basis or for a limited amount of time. Users with access can use their mobiles to open the garage door without needing a remote or physical keys. With Parkingdoor you can continue to use traditional opening systems (your old remote or key) to open the door as before.
What do you need to use Parkingdoor?
Install the device in your garage and on at least one compatible iPhone or Android device* and, if you want, you can also use your Pebble or Apple Watch.
* List of compatible devices
How can residents give friends and family access to their car park?
Very easy, using the Parkingdoor app they can add guests using their email addresses and establish access periods. The permissions can be withdrawn at any time, immediately and automatically. The people invited just need their mobile to gain access to the garage.
If I sign up for Parkingdoor for my community, do all the residents have to use it?
Not needed. Your existing opening system will continue to work so each resident can decide which system they want to use. But Parkingdoor's so convenient and simple that we're sure the majority will decide to do away with remotes and keys.
¿Cuánto cuesta Parkingdoor comunidades?
Parkingdoor communities is a service you subscribe to on a monthly basis. Our fees, from 8 EUR per month, include initial installation and a support service. Get in touch with us to request a tailored quote.
Do all residents have to pay for the service?
No, it's possible that the monthly fee is only for subscription by owners of the spaces interested in using the service. Contact us for more information.