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Sign up for Parkingdoor Hotel and manage access to your car park for guests and employees via mobile

Parkingdoor is modernising the way hotel car park access is controlled, offering added value to guests

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We'll take care of installing the device in your car park no matter what type of opening system you currently use. You'll have access to our technical support whenever you need it.

Give access to employees and customers

Give access to employees and customers

With Parkingdoor you can give access to employees and customers using just their email address - giving them convenient access to your hotel parking which is secure for you too.

Your customers will have easy access to your car park

Your customers will have easy access to your car park

Using the Parkingdoor app, your customers can access your car park on their mobile device or smartwatch.

Parkingdoor Hotel-Control entries with a smartphone and bluetooth device for hotels and accommodations 

An added-extra service for your customers

Parkingdoor Hotel means your customers can access your hotel car park via mobile. You can give them access for their chosen dates at the time of booking and there's no need for them to wait in reception for access cards or codes.

Secure and reliable control of car park access

You'll have an exact record of users coming in and out of your car park and you can withdraw access immediately should you need to do so.

Installation without any major works, and compatible with your existing system

Parkingdoor Hotel can be installed without any major works and leaves the system you currently use in perfect order. It's compatible with any opening mechanism and doesn't mean you have to stop using existing remotes, cards, or keys.

Improving your company's car park management costs less than you think

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Frequently asked questions

How does Parkingdoor for Hotels work?
The Parkingdoor system consists of a smart device installed in the opening mechanism, a website, and smartphone apps. The Parkingdoor device is connected to the existing opening system and an administrator can then send 'virtual keys' to employees and customers they want to give access permissions to. Each one of them can use their mobile to open your car park, without needing to have remotes, cards, or physical keys.

The administrator determines the access duration through the Parkingdoor website or apps, and you can disable these permissions at any time, in real time. Parkingdoor doesn't disable any of the existing access methods (remotes, keys, cards, or codes) so these can still be used.
What do my customers need to use Parkingdoor Hotel?
They will need a compatible* iPhone or Android mobile and should download the Parkingdoor app from official stores. The app for customers is also available for Pebble and Apple Watch.
*List of compatible smartphones
How do I give customers access to the car park?
Through the Parkingdoor website or app. You just need an email address, and to confirm the period you want them to have access for. The customer will get an email confirming they've been given access, with instructions on how to download the app in case they don't have it. The administrator can withdraw access permissions at any time - immediately and in real time.
What if the customer doesn't want to use the system?
Parkingdoor Hotel means you can continue to use the access controls you already have. It's an added extra service you can offer to customers, but doesn't mean you have to abandon the more traditional methods.