Parking access control via mobile

Parkingdoor Building allows employees and customers to access your business car park from their mobile

Parkingdoor Building is a simple, convenient, and secure way of controlling access for your company.

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We install the system in your car park without the need for any major works. Fully compatible with your existing opening system.

Give access to your customers

Give access to your employees and customers

Using the Parkingdoor website or app, the administrator can give permissions to employees, suppliers, and customers.

Your customers will have easy access to your car park

Access the car park using your mobile

Using the Parkingdoor app, your employees, customers, and suppliers can access your car park on their mobile device or smartwatch, provided they've got your authorisation.

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Secure and reliable access control

Parkingdoor Building allows you to manage your car parking spaces and grant different access permissions to employees, customers and suppliers, who will use their mobile phone to enter or exit. Permissions are set in the system and can be deleted immediately if necessary, preventing unwanted entries. Avoid having to make copies of remote controls, access cards and keys.

Installation without any major works, and compatible with your existing system

Parkingdoor Building can be installed without any major works and leaves the system you currently use in perfect order. It's compatible with all opening mechanisms and doesn't mean you have to stop using existing remotes, cards, or keys.

No complications

Your peace of mind is our number one priority. This is why we have technical support on hand to take care of any issues you may have.

Improving your company's car park management costs less than you think

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Frequently asked questions

How does Parkingdoor for companies work?
The Parkingdoor system consists of a smart device installed in the opening mechanism, a website, and smartphone apps. The system administrator can send 'virtual keys' to anyone, simply by email. Those authorised can then use their mobile to access the car park without needing any remotes, cards, codes, or physical keys. The administrator states the duration of access through the Parkingdoor website or apps, and can disable access at any time, in real time. Parkingdoor doesn't disable any of the existing access methods (remotes, keys, cards, or codes) so these can still be used.
What do my employees and customers need to use Parkingdoor?
They will need an iPhone or Android* mobile and should download the Parkingdoor app from official stores. The app for customers is also available for Pebble and Apple Watch.
* List of compatible devices
How do I give an administrator access to the car park?
Through the Parkingdoor website or app. All that's needed is an email address, and confirmation of the period they need access for. The visitor will get an email confirming they've been given access, with instructions on how to download the app in case they don't have it. The administrator can withdraw access permissions at any time: immediately and in real time.
What if one of the people authorised doesn't have access to a mobile phone?
Parkingdoor Building means you can continue to use the access controls you already have. It's an added extra service for managing parking, but doesn't mean you have to abandon the more traditional methods.